DART Coalition
The mission of the DART Coalition is to engage Ocean County residents in the process of reducing substance abuse among youth in the County and over time the community as a whole. The Coalition, which develops environmental strategies to achieve its goal, is comprised of more than 80 Ocean County community leaders including law enforcement and government officials, educators, business owners, substance abuse professionals, clergy, students and other youth.

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DART Calendar of Events DART Calendar of Events
Visit our At-A-Glance Calendar for a listing of all scheduled programs.
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DART in the Community DART in the Community
The DART Coalition takes aim at substance abuse issues affecting Ocean County residents.
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For More DART Information For More Information on DART
For more information about the DART Coalition, or in becoming a member.
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Can We Talk: Are You Listening?

Tuesday, 5/27; 5 – 9 p.m.
Pine Belt Arena 1245 Old Freehold Road, Toms River. For Ocean County Parents and guardians.

DART Coalition Urges Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs

If your medicine cabinet contains drugs that are beyond their expiration date, it’s time to clean house and dispose of unused or unwanted medications.

Children in the Middle Divorce Education Program