Parenting An Athlete

Parenting An AthleteThe mission of the Parenting an Athlete Program (PAA) is to provide parents with the skills, tools and information to develop a resilient athlete through the parent/child bonding, role modeling and enjoyment of and participation in shared physical activities in sports.  Participation in athletics can be a positive experience for all involved (children, parents, coaches, referees, fans, etc.) if all agree to respect one another and the boundaries that come along with being involved with the sport they take part in. 

Parenting An AthleteThe program is for parents of children 11-18 who are involved with youth sports/athletics or are considering involvement.  Participants come together in an interactive group, which meets for five consecutive, 90 minute per week sessions. 

Session Topics:

  • Character development through youth athletics
  • Parent/child/coach communications and boundary setting
  • Sportsmanship as a model for living
  • Setting goals and expectations with your child
  • Sustaining balance and fitness for life
  • Reducing your child's chances of drug and alcohol involvement
  • Understanding nutrition supplements and physical fitness in youth athletics

The President’s Challenge

Success Incentives will be offered and parents will be given an opportunity to work with their child athlete, on both physical and emotional levels as the Parenting an Athlete Program introduces The President's Challenge - a program that encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives.

It is our goal that parents will encourage their children to have fun and grow from their sport-related experiences, while recognizing and respecting their important role in their child's life both inside and outside of sports.

The Barnabas Health Behavioral Health Network Institute for Prevention will come to your location.

We are a registered NJ Department of Education Professional Development Provider.

For more information, or to enroll in the Parenting an Athlete Program,  please contact Tracy Gross at or

Parenting An Athlete


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